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Global Race, Ethnicity, Migration

Global Race, Ethnicity, Migration

Global REM (Race, Ethnicity, Migration) is designed to strengthen an existing cluster of faculty and the departments, programs and interdisciplinary research centers with which they are associated, extending the contributions they already make to the diversification of research and teaching at the University of Minnesota. Minnesota has long nurtured scholarly expertise and teaching on race, ethnicity and migration. (The birthplace of immigration history in the 1920s and home of pioneering American Studies Department for over a half century, the first REM initiative organized a seminar and conference in the late 1990s.) U.S.-focused in its earlier iterations, new hires have internationalized scholarship on REM across the disciplines.

Globalization and rising flows of population inevitably raise questions about how race, ethnicity, and other forms of cultural diversity are structured and understood in all parts of the world. Global REM hopes to bring networks of expertise on all world regions into regular conversation. With a scholarly seminar Global REM faculty play a special role in the education of new and increasingly diverse undergraduate and graduate students. Global REM faculty can provide the cultural expertise needed by the U to work effectively with new and old immigrant and ethnic communities in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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