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New Collection Descriptions

New descriptive information has recently been posted for five collections: Papers of Raisa Zuk-Hryskievic, Oral History of Ramon Leon (Latino Economic Development Center, Minneapolis), Oral History of Nyango Nambangi (Minnesota African Women's Association), Ivan Czuy Papers, and Ivan Batiuk Papers.

IHRC has benefited from collaboration with students and community members in making these collections accessible. Ihar Labacevich of the St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church in Minneapolis processed the Zuk-Hryskievic Papers as part of his internship at the IHRC, and graduate research assistant Andy Wilhide with recent University of Minnesota graduate Dan Ott recorded the Leon and Nambangi oral histories. Recently retired IHRC Senior Assistant Curator Halyna Myroniuk was instrumental in acquiring and processing the Czuy and Batiuk collections. For more information about the collections, please click on the links above.

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